Why is there a zipper in the manduca baby carrier? Why are the manduca designs made with diverse materials? And what are all these buckles good for?

To help you to understand your manduca even better, we will introduce to you all manduca features in detail during the next weeks. Because it’s the details that make all the difference and that make your manduca a special baby carrier. Many well thought out features are contributing to make babywearing and life with your child yet a little easier: From the ingenious, patented back extension to the various buckles that help you to fit your manduca perfectly to you and your child.

manduca features

manduca features: adjustable shoulder straps, back extension, M-Position

Shortly, we will tell you about:

  • • manduca M-Position in all carrying positions: front, hip, and back carry
  • • manduca back extension: the great plus for big and small babies
  • • manduca infant seat: for carrying newborns
  • • manduca headrest: hood and neckrest
  • • manduca straps: 100 % comfort for you
  • • manduca buckles: offering safety and flexibility
  • • manduca material: hemp and organic cotton for optimum babywearing comfort
  • • so small and light: the manduca fits in almost every bag and rucksack
manduca features

manduca features for your benefit: connection strap, integrated headrest, integrated infant seat, three-point safety buckle


Last but not least, informative and illustrated instructions for use are of fundamental importance for getting to know your manduca. Tip: In case you don’t find your original instructions, you can download the instruction as a PDF file from our website anytime. Including all notes, illustrations and of course in many different languages.