The horizontal zipper in the back panel of the manduca baby carrier provides for a simple yet ingenious feature: opening the zipper allows the back panel to unfold and extend. The resulting integrated back extension makes sure that for babies at all ages their backs are always perfectly supported. Reason enough to have had the back extension patented.
But do you know when to unzip the back extension and when it is better to leave it closed? Here, you find an overview on the possibilities and benefits.

manduca back extension

manduca back extension – closed: for babies with head control

With a closed zipper, the manduca baby carrier has a regular back panel offering good support of the baby’s back. The clever cut of the back panel and the special tucks make it possible to carry your child in the M-position. You can leave it closed when your baby doesn’t need the extra head support anymore, your baby then has a better view. Also, the arms of bigger babies do not have to stay inside the carrier. In short: in the basic variant, the back panel offers as much support as necessary and as much freedom of movement as possible.

Open the manduca zipper: possibilities and benefits

Unzipping the back extension brings many benefits of the patented manduca back extension – offering something for babies of all ages:

• back extension for newborns: head and neck rest
Opening the zipper, the back panel is extended by approx. 12 cm in height. Especially when your baby still needs the integrated infant seat and is therefore positioned higher in the carrier, the manduca back extension provides the necessary support in the neck and head area.
The zipper has yet more to offer than zipping and unzipping. What is more, a special insert can be zipped into the back extension: the manduca ZipIn Ellipse, an elliptical fabric insert that has been developed in particular for carrying newborns in the manduca. The elliptical form makes the back panel rounder, adapting the shape of the manduca back to the natural rounding of the baby’s spine.

• back extension for sleeping babies
When your baby falls asleep while in front carry, you can open the back extension without removing your baby from the carrier. The unzipping is fast and quiet, and you can also tighten the shoulder straps without waking up your baby. As a result, the head of your sleeping baby is supported by the back extension.

• back extension for toddlers

Your baby grows – and thanks to the back extension the manduca grows with your child. With the opened back extension the back panel of your manduca is lengthened and provides support in the shoulder area of your big baby or toddler.

Zipped or unzipped back extension? All possibilities at a glance

You should open the zipper if

  • •    you carry your baby in the integrated infant seat
  • •    your newborn needs more support in the head area
  • •    your baby has fallen asleep and his/her head needs more support
  • •    your baby has to be supported in the shoulder area
  • •    your baby is restless – the back extension offers additional safety

The zipper can stay closed for:

  • •    babies who have head control
  • •    babies who want to see more
  • •    babies who want to move and stick their arms out of the carrier