manduca M-Position As you certainly know, the term M-position describes the spread-squat position of your baby – which is both healthy and comfortable. But do you know that the term “M-position” is an idea of manduca?

manduca M-Position

Carefully designed tucks in the manduca seat for a good M-position

Why the spread-squat position is called M-position

The spread-squat position is the natural position which newborns adapt when you pick them up: they automatically bend their legs up – like a small monkey – and prepare themselves instinctively to be carried. Sometimes this position is referred to as froggy position. But since the bottom, the feet, and the knees form a big M, we have named this position M-position. A short and catchy term that sums up the correct orthopaedic babywearing position. M for manduca, in fact.

manduca M-Position

Why the M-position is so good for your child

All babies are born with an immature hip, meaning that also a perfectly healthy hip is not fully developed at first, and needs to mature. This hip development is not finished until puberty. The time until babies can stand or walk is essential for a healthy development of the hip. Up to this age, babies should be carried in an optimal position.

Carrying your baby in the M-position is healthy, because in this position the hip tilts forwards and the back is perfectly rounded. This orthopaedically correct position supports a healthy hip development and is therefore recommended by paediatricians and orthopaedists.

The manduca benefit: You can carry your baby right from the start in the M-position – in all carrying positions: on the front, at the hip and on your back. This is possible because of the manduca’s ergonomic cut and in particular because of the carefully designed tucks in the seat. Thanks to the integrated infant seat or Size-It also newborns can comfortably tuck their legs up in front of their body.

manduca M-Position

How to achieve a good M-position

To achieve a good M-position, the manduca has to be adjusted correctly and individually to you and your child. Here are some tips that should help your baby to easily adopt the M-position – which  is both ergonomically correct and comfortable for your baby:

• Your baby’s bottom must be placed down low in the carrier and the knees should be in line with the navel. If necessary, correct the position: grab both of your baby’s knee hollows and tuck up the legs a little more. The back will then be nicely rounded!

• The base should reach from one knee hollow to the other knee hollow and the legs should not be forced into a split or forced too far apart. (Please note that it is different when using the integrated infant seat: In this case, the legs of the newborn remain inside the carrier and grow out of the carrier as your baby’s legs and thighs grow. See also: manduca instructions to use).

• Your baby should always lie close to your body and be completely supported. To make sure that this is tight enough, you can lean forward. Your child should not fall away from you.

Last but not least:  Babywearing with manduca means comfort for you, too! Thanks to the soft shoulder belts and the anatomically shaped hip belt, the child’s weight is ideally distributed.