Your manduca is a full buckle carrier that is fast and easy to put on with the help of straps and belts: the hip belt, the shoulder straps and the small connection strap (between the shoulder straps). Together, they enable you to adjust the manduca perfectly to you and your child and make babywearing as comfortable as possible for you. Here, you will learn how to fasten these straps and what else you can do with them.
manduca straps and belts

manduca hip belt: a sound basis for almost all sizes

The manduca hip belt is a softly padded wide belt which is firmly stitched to the manduca back panel. The anatomically shaped hip belt is especially comfortable, as it is conically tapered and fits the hip perfectly (not only women). Just like with a good backpack, the weight is evenly distributed to your hips. This is back-friendly, healthy, and above all really comfortable!

Although the manduca belt is a hip belt, and we recommend carrying on your hip, some women prefer to wear the manduca in the waist, because they find it more comfortable. To make the waist belt to fit also the very slim moms, you can tighten it to a minimum of 64 cm. For this tight adjustment, you can fasten the short end of the webbing such that the long end of the webbing overlaps with the padding – that means up to its limits. Also, you can extend the length of the manduca hip belt, if necessary until a circumference of 140 cm. *

manduca hip belt

Note: To make sure that the belt stays where it is meant to be, there is a special safety loop for the buckle at the strap. As shown in the illustration, the buckle must always be positioned behind this loop. In this way, if a buckle is opened unintentionally, it will be caught in the safety loop.

manduca hip carrier

Thanks to the adjustable straps, manduca can be worn as a hip carrier, too.

manduca shoulder belts: take it easy ;-)

The manduca shoulder belts are particularly softly padded, so that you can literally take babywearing easy with your manduca. They support an ergonomic and healthy position of your baby: In order to put as little pressure as possible to the baby’s spine, the shoulder straps are attached at a slight angle to the manduca back panel – and also especially low.
manduca straps and belts manduca shouler straps


You can adjust the shoulder straps in three ways:

1. At the shoulder area you will find a buckle where you can pull the short end of strap, when  your baby is in the carrier. Important note: Before taking in your child, you should release these short strap end of the shoulder straps. As soon as your baby is placed low in the carrier, you can pull these ends tight. Pull them really tight, so that your baby is always close to you when bending forward, but not too tight – so that you don’t feel squeezed in.

2. Before putting on the manduca, you can adjust the shoulder belt to your individual size with the long end at the bottom of the shoulder strap. There is no need to re-adjust this shoulder length when you use the manduca the next time. Just as with the hip belt, please make sure that the buckles will always be caught by the safety loops!
3. As soon as your baby is positioned correctly in the manduca, that is the baby’s bottom is placed down low in the carrier, in the M-Position, the short end at the manduca bow provides a third adjustment possibility: It serves for pulling the strap tight and for the “fine tuning”, so that your child will be kept always close to your body.

What about the small connection strap? What’s the use?

If you like hiking, you know the benefits of a chest strap, as this strap keeps the straps in place and reduces the pressure to the arms. It is the same with the manduca as a front or back carrier: The straps stay where they belong and will not slide over your shoulder. Comfort tip:
The connection strap can be adjusted up and down on the webbing of the shoulder strap. You can also move it to another position on the webbing of the shoulder strap.  After all, every back is different. :-)

manduca shoulder straps

Practical and comfortable: crossing the shoulder straps

The manduca is one of a few baby carriers, where the shoulder straps can be crossed. Crossing the straps can make babywearing even more comfortable for you, in particular if you are quite small. You can even cross and fasten the straps before use. There is a dedicated loop for this purpose located on the end of the padding. Leave it like this (crossed straps) until you use the manduca again.

crossed shoulder straps

crossed shoulder straps

You can fasten the straps before use – there is a special loop for this purpose.

crossed shoulder straps

Some like it crossed – carrying with crossed shoulder straps can be more comfortable.

manduca straps and belts at a glance:

  • •    all straps and belts are softly padded
  • •    anatomically shaped hip belt: back-friendly and comfortable
  • •    variable hip belt from 64 cm to 140 cm hip/waist circumference
  • •    shoulder straps adjustable in three positions
  • •    connection strap for even more comfort
  • •    length of hip belt and shoulder straps can be adjusted before placing your baby in the carrier

No straps without buckles

The manduca straps are being closed with high quality Duraflex buckles , the hip belt is closed with a three-point-safety buckle and the other nylon straps have two-way-buckle fastening . Learn more about the manduca buckles soon. Stay tuned!

* If the 140 cm are not enough, please contact us. Here, we also have a solution for you. :-)