Many parents decide for a manduca baby carrier, because this baby carrier is highly versatile – and above all is growing with their child (keyword: integrated back extension). For some time now, growing widthwise is also possible as with manduca ExTend you can adjust the seat of the manduca. That means that you can make the seat so wide that you can carry a toddler – who can then sit even more comfortably in the manduca.

Carry a toddler in the manducawith ExTend

Carry a toddler: small seat and long thighs

Every child has different proportions. And sometimes the legs grow so fast that you suddenly have a big kid that can walk – but who can only master short distances. To make sure that you can enjoy your Easter walk or your hike in May, you can take your child in the manduca, whenever he or she needs a break. With the ExTend the seat is much wider so that also long thighs are well supported, which is – though it is no longer necessary for the kids’ hip development – just more comfortable. Speaking of comfort: Thanks to the well-padded manduca hip belt, also heavy kids can be carried without any problems (with the hip belt on the hip and not on the waist).

carry a toddler in your manduca

Picture: Kirsten Kunze

Two loops at the ExTend? Variants of a seat extension

Using the ExTend is easy enough (the single steps are explained here). But what do the two different loops (drawstrings) for the hip belt mean? And why is one loop grey inside and the other one is black? Simple enough: the reason lies in the nature of growth which happens – as we all know – gradually, step by step. When the manduca seat is becoming a bit small and you start using the ExTend, then thread both ends of the hip belt through the small, grey loop (this is the one with the care label). If you choose the grey loops for the hip belt, you can extend the seat of the manduca by up to 5 cm in total. When your child has grown a bit more, you can thread the hip belt through the big black loops and thus extend the manduca by up to 18 cm. Note:

  • •    small, grey loop: = small seat extension
  • •    big, black loop = maximum seat extension

how to use the ExTend

Back extension open or closed? What is the difference and what is to observe?

Whether you open the back extension or keep it closed depends on your child proportions. And it depends on whether your child wants to put his/her arms out of the carrier or not.
You can fasten the ExTend with the help of the button strips by attaching them to the shoulder straps. If the back extension is closed, then feed the strips from the inside around the straps. With an open back extension, take the strips from the outside to the shoulder straps.

Fasten the manduca ExTend