Has your baby started crawling already? If not, this is yet to come. Before developing walking skills, almost all babies have a period when they are crawling forward or backward – indoors and outdoors. Depending on the surface your baby might get red knees. To help your baby enjoy crawling even on harsh surfaces, your child might wear BabyLegs as knee pads. BabyLegs legwarmers do not only keep baby’s arms and legs warm, but also protect the knees of crawling babies. The new BabyLegs collection BabyScoot offers an extra thick terry cushioning on the knee area. And for little kids on the beach, there are special BabyCool! BabyLegs with UV protection: for summer bathing fun. :-)

BabyLegs Spring/Summer 2016

New: BabyScoot – the baby knee pads with extra cushion

Crawling babies are covering long distances – never mind their knees even on harsh surfaces. Red or scuffed knees can be the result – not only outdoors but also on carpeted floors. Parents of long distant crawlers with soft knees can now protect their baby’s knees with the new BabyScoot BabyLegs, as these have an extra thick terry cushioning on the knee area. The two cute BabyScoot designs in pink (Queenie) and blue (Kingsley) fit babies from 3 months on.

BabyLegs BabyScoot with thick terry cushioning

Ideal for sunny days on the beach: BabyCool! with UV protection

Do you have any plans yet for the next holidays or are you already looking forward to the swimming pool season? If so, the BabyLegs with UV protection are a must have for your swim bag or suitcase, because the BabyCool! legwarmers come with a sun protection factor of 50+, wet or dry. Both designs Sea Star and Wally set the mood for bathing fun in a lake, sea or in a swimming pool. Still no sun in sight? Get your BabyCool! BabyLegs anyway, as these are usually quickly sold out.

BabyLegs BabyCool! with UV protection

This is why your baby needs BabyLegs

We have listed the BabyLegs benefits before. But when do they really make sense? The answer is simple enough: you need BabyLegs, if …

• … your baby enjoys crawling very much (and BabyLegs can protect the knees)
• … diaper changing should be quick and easy (and baby’s legs should be kept warm)
• … your baby has started potty training (and baby’s legs should be kept warm)
• … an extra layer of warmth for arms and legs is recommended (also in addition to tights)
• … your child likes to dress up for kindergarten or nursery school

By the way: the BabyLegs Original fit babies and children from 3 months to school age. For newborn babies, the collection Newborn is recommended.

Here, you find the new designs for summer and spring at a glance

BabyLegs Newborn
BabyLegs Girls & Boys Favorites
BabyLegs BabyCool!
BabyLegs BabyScoot
BabyLegs Spring/Summer Collection 2016

BabyLegs Spring/Summer Collection 2016