It is one thing to write about a product but another thing entirely to test it in “real life” – when you’re not just relying on the descriptions and judgements of others. This is how I felt with the manduca ZipIn Ellipse which has been praised on the babywearing scene and which I was recently able to get to know from a new perspective. Because, a couple of weeks ago …

manduca-zipin-ellipse-wow-2-400px… I was visiting a family who had a new baby. During my visit, I was not only able to admire the latest addition to the family but also join the family for a walk. The baby was put in the manduca baby carrier, of course. Firstly, because, you can’t make it through the vineyards with a pram. And, secondly, the baby would not have been happy staying in the pram anyway and would have complained – this is what the parents told me, anyway.

The baby was almost three months old, still really small. And although Mum and Dad had already been carrying her in the manduca baby carrier already to everyone’s satisfaction, I had something else “up my sleeve” to make babywearing even more comfortable. The perfect complement, as it were, to the manduca Size-It, which the parents have been using with the manduca right from the start: The manduca accessory manduca ZipIn Ellipse.

ZipIn Ellipse – what is it for?

Okay, I have written about the ZipIn Ellipse myself. I have told you that the ZipIn adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine, even better than before. I’ve also told you that there is an additional curving effect, because the top rim is also pulled down and is then closer to the baby’s head and the baby’s head is enclosed. And of course, I have taken a good look at the product at work, plus I have even taken pictures of the ZipIn Ellipse zipped into the manduca (attached to a dressmaker’s dummy with a doll). And my colleagues have told me what a fantastic accessory the Ellipse is (particularly in combination with the Size-It, which reduces the size of the manduca’s seat).


manduca ZipIn Ellipse live (and not in color ;-))

But the “live-experience” is something else entirely: It was wonderful to see, how the manduca was enclosed around the tiny back of the baby and how the baby’s small head was supported even better. Wow! This has confirmed everything that I have heard about the Ellipse from colleagues and product testers. And it looked so cosy!

„For small babies (up to approx. 4 months) who need a lot of support for their back and their head, the ZipIn Ellipse is yet another way to carry them in the manduca with even greater comfort in an orthopedically correct manner.” Now, I would not only endorse this but would wholeheartedly agree.

P.S. The baby was asleep most of the time, seems like my enthusiasm was shared by her :-)