It’s getting cold outside: winter is around the corner! There is nothing we can do about that, but even so no one should freeze. In addition to jackets, scarfs, and trousers there is something else that keeps the legs of your children nice and warm – and fashionable, too: BabyLegs arm- and legwarmers.

Whether you want to keep your baby’s legs warm while changing diapers, or your older child likes to dress up for Kindergarden: For the new fall/winter collection, we have selected some beautiful designs offering something for all tastes. And you can wear them, too, because the original size is big enough for most adult arms.

BabyLegs legwarmers

New, new, new! BabyLegs Newborn

Whether you are changing diapers of your newborn baby or your older child has already started potty training: BabyLegs make sure that their legs stay nice and warm, and there is no fiddly dressing and undressing. BabyLegs are much more practical than tights!

For all fans of baby pink and blue there are four new models in the collection “Newborn” fitting babies up to approximately three months: Miss Teddy and Teddy, both with a super soft teddy application, Cozy in a rose hue and Lil’Steed with a pattern of small rocking horses.

BabyLegs Newborn

Bling-Bling and beasts for babies and children (one size fits all)

The BabyLegs “original size” fit children from three months up to school age (one size fits all).
Some new designs of the fall/winter collection “Girls Favorites” are particularly cute: The designs Wishes & Kisses and Helena are made with design elements of golden yarns, thus adding a bit of bling-bling and glitter to the dark winter season.

BabyLegs Girls Favorites

Trick or Treat? BabyLegs for Halloween

However, my favourite BabyLegs designs of the new season are the legwarmers with dinosaur and monster motifs. With the designs Jurassic, Monsters and Little Foot you will have your kids dressed up for Halloween in next to no time! Plus, the arms and legs of your little ones are always kept warm in case you should be out and about during Halloween. :-)

BabyLegs Boys Favorites

BabyLegs …
  • • make diaper changing and potty training easier
  • cushion knees when crawling
  • • keep arms and legs warm – in summer and winter
  • one size fits all: original size for babies from 3 months (8x33cm),
    special Size Newborn for the tiny ones (7×21 cm)
  • • look great: many beautiful designs für girls and boys

The new designs BabyLegs fall/winter collection 2015/2016:

BabyLegs Newborn
BabyLegs Girls Favorites
BabyLegs Boys Favorites