A baby can change your whole life. Doesn’t that sound familiar to you? And often enough it makes parents start their own enterprise – or, as in the case of Marianna Ramirez – it is the engine that drives the expansion of their business. This is what happened to Marianna Ramirez, who had founded Maamgrup in 2012 to distribute organic baby products. When she herself was pregnant with her first child, she was looking for a good baby carrier. Her research has led her to the manduca baby carrier which she got from Spain as it was not available in her home country Colombia. She saw a great potential to create a market for manduca baby carriers in Colombia and introduced manduca to Colombia.
manudca in Colombia

Today, Maamgrup is the distributor not only of the manduca but of many more natural baby products that are good for the well-being of babies as well as the environment.

The team at Maamgrup, above all the owners Marianna Ramirez and Juan Diego Toro, are very passionate about the manduca: They associate the manduca with freedom of movement, as well as providing a valuable connection between child and their parent.

Babywearing in Colombia: big time for manduca

To improve the health situation of premature babies, babywearing started to become very popular back in the seventies. Yet baby carriers are still somewhat novel to parents, because the babywearing culture in Colombia is based on the tradition to wear babies in slings. Since last year, Maamgrup is successfully promoting babywearing with the softstructured manduca baby carrier and is continuously expanding the manduca business. And the prospects are bright: more and more parents are curious and realize the many manduca benefits. Maamgrup has made a promising start in Colombia and will carry on spreading the news of the ergonomic and easy to handle manduca: At special babywearing events, on their websites and blog and last but on least on social media platforms such as facebook and pinterest.