When parents vote for the manduca, it is always something special and a real honour. Because it means that we have done some things right, if you and your babies are 100 % happy. This is why we are excited to announce that the manduca has received another parents award – this time in Australia: manduca is highly recommended in the baby carriers category in the 2015 Essential Baby Awards!

manduca  highly recomended by Essential Baby Awards

Essential Baby 2015 Awards: full of praise for the manduca

This is the second year the Essential Baby Award awards have been held, with more than 20,000 of votes to find the products Australian parents appreciate most. We are very happy that thanks to many votes the manduca has succeeded in winning one of the desired prizes. The comments, too, speak volumes: “super comfortable, versatile, and excellent range of adjustment options. I never leave the house without it!” “Adaptable for different-sized partners […] good for baby’s hips, easy to wash, good safety straps and buckles!” “Easy to use and comfy for both myself and my daughter. “

Congrats, manduca and manduca Australia