The manduca has no bag or pocket, you think? You bet it has! But the manduca Pouch is not a firmly sewn pocket, but a flexible pouch that can be attached to the manduca baby carrier hip belt, plus it can be worn without a baby carrier, too: wear it over your shoulder or around your waist (also without a belt, as the manduca Pouch comes with a detachable nylon strap). Your 3in1 pouch for all occasions: belt bag, shoulder bag, and hip belt pouch.

manduca Pouch

manduca Pouch – make room for life’s little necessities

The manduca Pouch is a small but spacious miracle: it offers a big pocket for the usual stuff such as glasses, hankies, baby-soother, keys, purse, and mobile phone. Especially, if you just want to pop around the corner to the next bakery, you can put the most important things in the manduca Pouch and leave the backpack at home. To keep all your valuables safe and secure, the manduca Pouch comes with a hidden pocket that can be closed with zippers (just like the main pocket, too).

manduca Pouch hip belt bag

manduca Pouch: easily attached to the manduca hip belt

The bag at the baby carrier – optional and functional

The manduca Pouch is there for you whenever you need it: thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener it is easily affixed to the manduca hip belt. And if you are out and about without any “extra luggage” because you just put your keys in your pants pockets, you can quickly remove the manduca Pouch and leave it at home. You are asking yourself why the manduca has no pocket on its back panel? We want to avoid that things kept in this pocket could bother your baby’s back. With a separate pouch, this cannot happen.

The hook-and-loop highlight: height-adjustable for tight jackets

If you like wearing tight figure-hugging jackets, the manduca Pouch is the perfect bag for you. Thanks to the clever hook-and-loop fastening system you can adjust the height of your pouch from the belt – so that there is no bulky pouch underneath the jacket. No bulge, but everything ready to hand.

Material check: organic bag with hemp

The manduca Pouch is made of robust canvas (hemp and organic cotton) – just like the original manduca. All zippers are from YKK. And the black bag is just as chic as it is durable. If necessary, the Pouch is washable at 30° in the washing machine.

Your manduca Pouch for all cases:

  • •    wearable as belt bag, hip belt pouch, and over your shoulder
  • •    can be attached to belts with hook-and-loop fastening system
  • •    includes nylon strap for use as shoulder bag or belt bag
  • •    adjustable height – does not hamper underneath tight jackets
  • •    width: 22 cm, height: 15.5 cm, depth: 2 cm
  • •    light weight: only 127 g (without content, goes without saying^^)
  • •    material: 55 % hemp, 45 % cotton (organic cotton)
  • •    available in black