Crianza Natural in Spain has been our partner from day one, when the manduca was first introduced to the market in 2007. At that time, Crianza Natural was already a professionally established company distributing baby products preferably in organic quality.
manduca in Spain and Portugal

Crianza Natural was founded by Rosa Sorribas, who is a certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and (occasional) doula. She has taught courses and lectures on breastfeeding, parenting, and babywearing – and today employs a team of 12, and also provides part time jobs for parents. The company is highly active in marketing: their activities range from trade fairs and courses to social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, vimeo, and their own blog on their website. In fact, the starting point of the company was when Rosa Sorribas could not find the kind of information on child rearing in the internet she was looking for. As she decided to create her own Spanish forum, the first step towards the Crianza Natural enterprise was done.

Crianza Natural translates “natural breeding” and thus bears the company’s philosophy already in its very name. The company strives to offer products that support the idea of attachment parenting – a concept that was introduced by Dr. Sears. As babywearing is one of the three fundamental principles of Attachment Parenting, it was only a logical consequence for Crianza Natural to offer baby carriers and baby slings. The manduca baby carrier, manduca Sling and the manduca accessories have of course become an integral part of their product range.

And although Rosa has seen many parents with happy babywearing babies in the many years with our baby carrier, she is still touched when she sees tiny babies resting on daddy’s chest with a brand new manduca. The ambition to bring the joy of babywearing to as many parents as possible is what drives Rosa, and what her team has in common with us. Together, we will continue to pursue that route :-)