What has the manduca to do with mandalas – these colouring pictures with geometric shapes that are arranged in a circle? You may know them from your children who dedicate themselves to their paintings with incredible perseverance. But do you know that mandalas can work miracles with grown-ups, too? And have you heard that we have a new manduca design – the manduca LimitedEdition Mandala? But wait, one by one …

manduca MandalaEarth and MandalaHerbs

manduca MandalaEarth and MandalaHerbs

Harmony through painting – relax with Mandala

In kindergartens, day care, and nursery schools children are coming to rest thanks to mandalas. An old hat? Could be. But for some time now mandalas are becoming more and more popular, because of their numerous positive effects. Whether mother, manager, or both – you may benefit from these (of course men may benefit, too):

  • • The colouring in process helps to create peace and calmness
  • Concentration is increased
  • • Stress is reduced and your batteries are recharged

The path to relaxation is easy enough: just take a moment and find a mandala that you like. Grab some coloured pencils – and you are ready to start! Best would be to only focus on your painting and let not have the TV or other things disturb you. Just start painting from outside to the centre (they say that helps you finding your own centre) and take your time! Finishing the mandala is not the primary aim. Here, the journey is the goal! And you know what? After having tried it myself, I am really surprised how it helped me to calm down. So next time, when your baby sleeps – just ignore household, desk, or smartphone – and treat yourself with a mandala time-out. Mandala template designs are available in the next bookshop, or for download in the internet, or give it a try with the manduca Mandala in this blogpost which you may print out for you and your older children.

manduca mandala

Mandala to print out and colour in

Simply picture-perfect: the manduca Mandala

Our designers too could not withstand the magic of the mandalas, this is why our latest Limited Design is based on organic shapes, repeated like those in a mandala. A real eye-catcher!
Our brandnew manduca LimitedEdition Mandala with its stylish ethno-design is available in two colour variants: MandalaEarth features splashes of fuchsia berry brightening up an earthy brown background while for the MandalaHerbs petrol blue sets the tone against a gentle herb-green background. This beautiful baby carrier will be in your favourite shop as of November.

manduca ZipIns Mandala: zip in with colour and function

The new manduca Mandala starts a new era of ZipIns. As before, the ZipIns fit into the manduca back extension, but for the first time the ZipIns LimitedEdition are made in the new elliptical shape and will be offered as ZipIn Ellipse Mandala. Why ellipse? Because the elliptical form adapts the shape of the manduca back panel to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine, even better than before. Plus there is even more head support for small babies. The ZipIn Ellipse is an all-round success – also for older children who need more support. And the Mandala design now brings a splash of colour to the ZipIn Ellipse. The Mandala design is also available for the manduca FumBee strap protectors that save yourself washing time!

manduca Mandala accessories:

manduca Mandala accessories: FumBee and ZipIn Ellipse Mandala

manduca LimitedEdition Mandala at a glance:

  • •    limited quantity: 3,000 items per colour
  •       FumBees: 400 items per colour, ZipIns: 200 items per colour
  • •    100 % organic cotton (certified organic), made in Czech Republic
  • •    RRP manduca LimitedEdition Mandala: 139 EUR, RRP FumBee Mandala: 14.90 EUR,  RRP ZipIn Mandala: 14.90 EUR
  • •    available as of November 2015

And if you are now in the mood for manduca Mandala, we have a tip for you:  #ColourYourFall !!!