We are happy to introduce to you our British partner Cheeky Rascals, one of the leading nursery distributors in the UK. Cheeky Rascals and manduca have been working together since 2011, when the specialized retailer of baby products started to offer manduca in the UK. The manduca brand has rapidly becoming well known since its introduction to the British market, and still is one of the most popular baby carrier brands in the UK.


The enterprise Cheeky Rascals Ltd. was born in 1996, when Selina Russell discovered a great number of innovative baby products in France which were unavailable in the UK. Coming from a family of business owners, she quickly made up her mind and founded a company that is dedicated to offering baby products that make family life easier. Providing clever features and allowing parents to have their hands free, the manduca baby carrier fits perfectly into the company’s philosophy. Today, Selina Russell is not only head of Cheeky Rascals but also sits on the board of the Baby Products Association (BPA), the voice of the baby and nursery product industry in the UK.

Cheeky Rascals and Wickelkinder show many similarities in their company history and structure. For one thing, they both have a significant share of women among the employees. And as with Wickelkinder, many of them are working part-time and enjoy flexible working hours.

Working with Cheeky Rascals also makes us realize how the babywearing market in the UK differs from the German one. Even though functionality and features of a baby carrier are top priorities for British parents as well, the UK customers also show a strong demand for fashion & design. This is why the special designs of the manduca LimitedEdition are always enthusiastically received and keep on playing an important role in the British market. We are always excited to present our next LimitedEdition to our British Partners – each release is so much fun!

Cheeky Rascals not only sells our manduca in their market but also generously offers to support us at events taking place in the UK. One recent example is the European Babywearing Conference 2015 in Bristol, where more than 300 participants enjoyed a truly international babywearing event. The team of Cheeky Rascals helped our colleague Dunja at the manduca booth, and Simon Russell (together with babywearing consultant Emily Williamson) offered workshops at the conference.

All in all a great partnership which is still growing with joint activities. We are looking forward to presenting our next LimitedEdition to our British partner and of course to many more years with Cheeky Rascals :-)