Although Singapore is a comparatively small country, the East Asian city state is a strong market for baby carriers like the manduca. While being famous for its fantastic architecture, its perfect organization and terrific food, Singapore is also known for its high population density and crowded streets. This may be one reason why babywearing is becoming more and more popular. Another reason certainly lies in the manifold activities of our longtime partner Spring Breeze Marketing Pte. Ltd, who was one of the first in Singapore to realize the need for baby carriers that are safe, ergonomic and easy to handle. Until Spring Breeze Marketing started their business, the only babywearing products in Singapore had been Ring Slings – which often enough were used incorrectly as the parents did not know how to handle them. Our partner did not only open up the first speciality shop for baby carriers in Singapore – they have also created a growing awareness for babywearing by their untiring babywearing consulting.

manduca in Singapore

To cut a long story short: With Spring Breeze Marketing in Singapore, we have a longtime and strong partner at our side who has played an important role in helping spur the growth of an ergonomic babywearing culture in Singapore.

Spring Breeze Marketing’s primary business credo is to not to follow trends but to select products to represent if and only if they are truly useful, practical and of high quality. Plus, these products have to work for the individual parents, because every parent-child pair has different lifestyles, needs and preferences. Donnie and Pearline Foo, heads of Spring Breeze Marketing, are themselves huge manduca fans who have carried their children in the manduca, too. Offering the manduca since 2009, they still feel that it is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic baby carriers around and one of the greatest value-for-money baby carriers available. Among the advantages of the manduca, our Singaporean partner in particular appreciates the optimal weight distribution (thanks to the cross straps and excellent hip belt of the manduca), the comfort and reliability right from the start, the superior organic materials, and the ingenious patented back extension. Today, Spring Breeze Marketing offers all four manduca collections, the manduca Sling and the manduca accessories (the Size-It being their favourite accessory). Pearline Foo and her team did not only establish manduca in the Singaporean market and make it a well known brand, they also supported a babywearing culture based on ergonomics.  And they are successful, too:  in 2011, 2012, and 2014 the manduca baby carrier has won the prestigious award from the Mother&Baby Singapore magazine!

We are glad to have found a partner like Spring Breeze Marketing with whom we had formed trusting relationships and are able to expand the manduca business in Singapore.