Irina Voronova and her husband Mikhail had built up experience over many years with their online store for prams before they “moved” from prams to baby carriers. To make their company Baby and Mam even more successful and to expand their business, they were always looking for new ideas, inspiration, and promising projects. It was perfect timing when in 2011 they had the chance to take over the wholesale distribution of manduca in Russia. Always keeping an eye on market analyses, they have steadily built up Baby and Mam to create an enterprise that stands for an extensive selection of baby products.

manduca in Russia

However, manduca was not only a section of the portfolio, but also played an important role in their family life. Irina and Mikhail were glad that they could carry their little daughter in the manduca right from the start and were able, thanks to the manduca, to cope easily with their numerous business events, appointments, and journeys. The company, the family, the manduca – these three were inseparably linked, and the young family was always the best example for the manduca making the everyday life of parents easier.

As genuine manduca fans, they know all features and benefits from their own personal experience. In particular, they appreciate the comfortable padded straps and the versatile headrest. Also, the elastic manduca Sling has won over quickly both, company owners and Russian customers.

Today, the family owned business Baby and Mam LLC employs a team of eight. Similar to the Wickelkinder company, Baby and Mam allows flexible working hours for parents plus the possibility to work part time and home office, too.

We are glad that Irina Voronova and her team are supporting the manduca with their ongoing enthusiasm and devotion: by organizing presentations and exhibitions at trade fairs (such as the trade fair Mir Destva. Last but not least, the manduca has even found its way into russian tv. „большо́е спаси́бо!“, Irina! We are looking forward to many manduca years in Russia.