New Zealand makes you think of a green island, crystal clear water, and above all of pure, untouched nature. But this is not the only reason why it makes sense that our New Zealand partner My Natural Baby carries the concept “nature” in its very name: “natural” also implies that the family owned company supports the idea of natural parenting.
manduca in New Zealand

My Natural Baby is headed by Helen MacMillan who started her business activities with offering birth pools for hire. When babywearing became popular in her home country, she founded My Natural Baby as the distributer of top quality baby carriers for the New Zealand market. Today, My Natural Baby offers all four collections of the manduca baby carrier, the manduca accessories plus the manduca Sling – which, by the way, Helen uses herself for her new baby boy.

Among the many advantages of the manduca baby carrier, My Natural Baby especially appreciates the organic natural fibres and the fact that the manduca is a carrier that can take you from newborn to toddlerhood. From the zipped back extension to lengthen and shorten the back of the baby carrier to accessories such as the manduca ExTend, manduca offers a well thought-out design and clever features. Also, Helen and her team are very fond of the FumBee strap protectors – to Helen MacMillan a real “must have” among the manduca accessories as they save having to wash your whole manduca when your child chews on the straps: “FumBees to the rescue”! :-)

In addition to bringing great products to their country to support young families, My Natural Baby is proud to support and encourage community events throughout New Zealand. They have been organising and co-ordinating nationwide events each year, for example the Babywearing Week since 2009. They also support New Zealand families, the New Zealand babywearing community and New Zealand businesses. Last year My Natural Baby hosted New Zealand’s first national babywearing conference which will now be a biannual event with the next conference scheduled for 2016.  They also love to support the growing number of babywearing  groups that operate nationwide and have set up several groups themselves  in four towns. These groups allow families to get practical help with their carriers, and try out options in sling libraries to find a great carrying solution for them and their children.

Our manduca ambassador in New Zealand loves the benefits that babywearing provides and loves to bring quality and reputable babywearing solutions such as the fantastic manduca range for New Zealand families. Jointly with them, let’s pursue that path :-)