Although BabyLove2000 is one of our most recent business partners, it feels as if we have been working together for a long time already. The chemistry is right, as they say – may be this is due to the huge experience and philosophy we have in common?
manduca in Italy

The company was founded 16 years ago by Roberto Muscari, who has 30 years of experience in baby and toddler products as a Managing Director and Export Manager and later as an agent and distributor of different foreign brands. In addition to this immense experience and expertise, the company also has structures that are highly professional in every aspect: from sales to marketing, from deliveries to customer service. With a representative net of 12 multibrand agents, BabyLove2000 is covering all Italian regions. Not surprisingly, BabyLove2000 has established itself as the market leader and exclusive distributor of the world leading brands in Italy. Today, the company employs a team of eleven, providing also part-time jobs. To cut a long story short: For us, BabyLove2000 looks like the perfect match.

When choosing new products to complement their product range, the ecological factor is very important for BabyLove2000. As all manduca products are made with organic cotton (or organic cotton and hemp), the manduca is an ecological baby carrier through and through. Along with top organic quality, BabyLove2000 associates the manduca with ergonomic design and outstanding features. BabyLove2000 has included all four collections of the manduca baby carriers, the manduca Sling, manduca accessories plus manduca by MaM covers such as the Deluxe and All-Weather cover in their product portfolio. So much for “it never rains in Italy”;-)

manduca LimitedEdition StarNightApart from being highly professional, they can also fall back to their personal experience: Michela Muscari, head of the marketing department, has not only carried her first daughter from birth to her 2nd birthday in a manduca, but also has her little newborn in the manduca StarNight . :-)

We are happy to have found in BabyLove2000 a partner who shares and supports our philosophy and look forward to our further collaboration! Together we will encourage more parents to carry their babies in Italy.