The number of daddies who enjoy babywearing is constantly growing. Our Hungarian partner Grinko, who started offering the manduca in the Hungarian market in 2009, has noticed that, too. Grinko was in fact so taken by the babywearing daddies that they started looking for these kind of images, and they love the manduca lovethechange motifs with babywearing dads. But aside from this, there is something else that matters most to Grinko …

Ecology is most important to Grinko (as it is to us)

manduca in Hungary - babywearing dads The wholesaler Grinko has been offering organic baby products for ten years in the Hungarian market. As for us, for Grinko also applies the motto “organic rules”. The ecological manduca baby carrier fits perfectly into their assortment, since the manduca does not just score with clever features such as the patented back extension and the easy handling, but also with natural and toxic free material. Grinko and the parents in Hungary appreciate that the manduca products are made of organic cotton respectively organic cotton and hemp. Additionally, the GOTS certified manduca Sling as well as the manduca accessories have a firm place in Griko’s natural product range.
manduca in Hungary

manduca in Hungary: organic rules, but design too :-)

Apart from the manduca features, benefits and the terrific organic quality, the designs of the manduca LimitedEdition are very popular in Hungary. If it were up to Grinko, we could offer even more of these exceptional designs. One way or the other, we can look forward together with Grinko to the next LimitedEdition! :)