For women, a lot has changed in Chile in the past years. This becomes clear not only in the fact that a woman is president. Also, there are many women who start their own businesses in a promising market. And they are successful. One of them is Pilar, who founded Maxi Crece and started distributing manduca in Chile.

manduca in Chile

When Pilar lived in Berlin with her German husband, she discovered many baby products she did not know from her home country. Things like baby carriers and co-sleeping cots really impressed her because these products really help to make parents’ life a little easier. Why not bring these products to Chile, she wondered, and soon enough started her own business – together with her partners Coni and Lili. Maxi Crece was born.

As an importer of baby products to the Chilean market, their primary goal has always been to provide parents with products that facilitate parenting. And they needed products that they could be sure to be successful with. Pilar and her partners found the manduca baby carrier to be such a product – because the manduca is the perfect support for parents and it provides proven quality, experience, and an international standing.

Today, Maxi Crece offers all four collections of the manduca baby carrier and has launched the manduca Sling shortly after market introduction in 2014.

Thanks to Maxi Crece’s marketing efforts ranging from trade fairs up to the continuous support of Kangatraining courses all over the country, manduca has arrived in the Chilenean market, and the business of Maxi Crece is steadily growing. Thanks to Maxi Crece, manduca has yet convinced many Chilenean parents and is already a well known brand in Chile. ¡Muchas gracias por su constructiva cooperación!