Do you know what a rebozo is? Well, to tell you the truth, until recently I did not either. But last year, when we started the partnership with Instinto Maternal y Apego (IMA) in Mexico, I came to know: A rebozo is the traditional shawl worn by women in Mexiko. It is both an object of utility and a fashionable accessory (which you might have seen in pictures of the famous paintress Frido Kahlo). And what is more: a rebozo is also something Mexican women use to carry their babies – it is their traditional baby sling. Woven, colourful, and above all useful as it helps them to keep their hands free.
IMA - manduca in mexico

So it was not really unusual when Sandy Arellano and Miguel Talamantes, today both head of IMA, wanted to carry their son in such a sling. But when they did, they suddenly found themselves in the babywearing community, they were introduced to various good sling brands and also got familiar with SSC carriers*. The manduca was recommended to them by their friends, who absolutely adored their manduca baby carrier. Having realized that there is a need for high quality baby slings and carriers in Mexico, Sandy Arellano and Miguel Talamantes started their own business – IMA. Today they offer the light Marsupi front and hip carrier, Didymos slings, and of course the manduca baby carrier (by the way: their favourite manduca feature is the patented back extension (which makes the manduca grow with your child).

IMA is not limited to selling high quality slings and baby carriers by tying on the Mexican rebozo culture – they also place great importance to the idea of attachment parenting.

IMA has started only a year ago, but already has successfully launched the manduca in their market – thanks to their passion for babywearing. And passionate they are: Inspired by one of the wonderful “Happy” Kanga videos, they even set up their own Mexican version as a special social media event for Mother’s Day. We are looking forward to watching manduca grow in Mexico!

(*SSC Carriers = soft structured carriers usually made of fabric with shoulder straps and a waist belt. No tying – all straps are closed with buckles).