Your baby is still small and you would like to carry her/him in the manduca baby carrier? No problem. The manduca baby carrier is suitable for newborn babies – thanks to the integrated back extension and the integrated infant seat you can use the manduca baby carrier from 3.5 kg body weight. In addition to that there are optional accessories available that can also be combined with the manduca infant seat, thus offering additional ways to carry small babies in the manduca baby carrier: Size-It and ZipIn Ellipse. And now, the ZipIn Ellipse even adds some colour to the functionality. :-)

manduca ZipIn Ellipse black und MandalaHerbs

manduca ZipIn Ellipse black und MandalaHerbs

manduca for newborns and babies up to approx. 4 months: ZipIn Ellipse with double rounding effect

Especially for really small babies we offer the ZipIn Ellipse, an elliptical fabric panel that can be zipped into the manduca back extension. Thanks to the elliptical shape the outer edges of the back extension are shortened so that the complete back panel is no longer plane but shaped into a curve. This way, the ZipIn Ellipse adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine, even better than before. The second benefit is the additional curving effect at the top rim: it is also pulled down and thus gets closer to the baby’s head. Like that, the baby’s head is enclosed and is supported even better. To cut a long story short: the ZipIn Ellipse offers an ingenious function. What about the colour? Originally, the ZipIn Ellipse was available in black only. But times are changing ;-)

ZipIn Ellipse: Are you in for some colour?

The new LimitedEdition Mandala now brings a splash of colour to the ZipIn Ellipse, as of now the ZipIn Ellipse will be produced in the current limited designs. That means you may now choose between three different colour variations of the ZipIn Ellipse: black, MandalaHerbs and MandalaEarth. If you like the Mandala design, you better be quick as these ZipIns are produced in a small and limited number only. Get yours before someone else does!

ZipIn Ellipse for bigger children

Your baby is older than 4 months? And you are asking yourself whether you can still use the ZipIn Ellipse? Easy answer: Yes, you can. In this case, the well-rounded shape is no longer that important, but firstly there are some babies who need more support than others, and secondly you just have a stylish decoration for your baby carrier.

At a glance: the ZipIn Ellipse

  • adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine
  • • fits all manduca baby carriers
  • easy handling: zipped into the manduca in next to no time
  • • made of 100 % organic cotton
  • • available in three colours: black, MandalaHerbs, MandalaEarth

*If you use the integrated infant seat with the ZipIn Ellipse, you will need only one button. This is sufficient, because the infant seat is only intended for positioning your baby. It is not constructed to hold your baby‘s weight. For that reason always keep the waistbelt closed!