As soon as children have learned to walk, they are walking and running all the time! That’s the way it should be. They want to walk to the playground, jump around in the house and in the garden, walk on hiking paths, during lantern parades, Christmas fairs, and street festivals. The question is only for how long? Depending on the condition of your child this can work well for hours. But sometimes, on long tours, you are reaching the point where the little ones just can’t go on. And then you are happy if you can just take them into a baby carrier, at best a toddler carrier. The manduca is a good choice, as the manduca baby carrier grows with your child, plus the accessory manduca ExTend now offers even more comfort to your toddler.

manduca ExTend

A special toddler carrier? Doesn’t it work with the manduca, too?

If you own a manduca baby carrier already you can carry your child until kindergarten age, up to 20 kg of child weight. Thanks to the manduca back extension, the manduca baby carrier grows in height, so that the back of your child is always well supported. And for you it is important that the manduca hip belt transfers the weight of your child to your hips. This way, just like with a good back pack, the weight is evenly distributed, making babywearing back-friendly and comfortable.  20 kg of body weight is the maximum weight that has been tested – but only you can decide how long you want to carry your child. Big toddlers are best carried on your back – this is more comfortable for you, and also your child can see a lot more.

My child has very long legs – is the seat of the manduca baby carrier still sufficient?

The manduca baby carrier  now grows widthwise, too: If – depending on the length of your child’s thighs – she/he does not feel too comfortable anymore on longer hikes or walks, you can just extend the manduca seat with the help of the manduca ExTend. This fabric panel made of cotton jersey is quickly and easily attached to the manduca’s inside, thus extending the manduca seat from originally 32 cm to up to 50 cm.

manduca ExTend instruction

And that’s how the manduca baby carrier gets widermanduca ExTend instruction to use

Put the ExTend on the inside of the manduca, so that the big loops are at the bottom (of the manduca).

Take both ends of the hip belt through the big loops (see image 2). Depending on how wide you want the hip belt to be, you may choose between two loops. Take the grey, smaller loop for extending 2.5 cm per side, or choose the big, black loop for up to 9 cm per side.

As soon as the ExTend is fixed at the hip belt, you can fasten it at the top with the push buttons. Done! The toddler carrier is ready to go.


manduca ExTend instruction to use

manduca ExTend at a glance:

  • • For babies and children from approx. 18 months
  • • Extends the seat of the manduca baby carrier
  • • Special feature: adjusted in two steps from 32 cm up to 50 cm
  • • Material: 100% cotton (organic)

manduca ExTend extends the seat of the manduca


manduca with manduca ExTend