Would you like to hear some stories? Then you should read on. Because the founding story of our Australian partner Fertile Mind sounds like a screenplay: When journalist Christine Kininmonth needed capital to launch her company, she decided to sell her much-loved VW car. However, the man who turned up to buy her car decided to invest into her business instead. Christine and Peter Hooker are still business partners to this day (and I wonder what has become of the car ;-) ). Today, they head up a family friendly company with many part-time working mothers, flexible hours, some of them also from home (very similar to Wickelkinder, the maker of manduca).
manduca down under

Christine and Peter discovered the manduca baby carrier five years ago, and right from the start they were convinced by the comfort and the outstanding adjustability of the manduca, especially when it comes to the manduca waistband. And this is where the next story comes in – told by Christine: “I was demonstrating the manduca soft structured carrier at a baby expo and a woman asked me if the manduca would fit her husband. I said I was certain it would and she bet me it wouldn’t. A mountain of a man walked up and he tried the manduca. While the waistband just fitted him, he said it felt tight. He was size 7 XL (XXXXXXXL)! He and his wife said they would go on a diet and return to buy the manduca, as no other carrier came that close to fitting him.”

Fertile Mind has been very busy making the manduca a popular baby carrier for Australian families – and their good work pays off: For example, manduca was finalist in the prestigious Mother and Baby Award and it had been named in the top 5 carriers by Mum’s Grapevine, a popular parenting website. As we appreciate their continuous efforts, manduca was glad to be this year’s silver sponsor of the Australian Babywearing Conference.

And there is more good news to tell: Fertile Mind was able to secure the endorsement of manduca by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Reflux Infant Support Association, and the Australian Breastfeeding Association (something Fertile Mind is very proud of and deservedly so).
To put it in a nutshell: Fertile Mind is the perfect partner for us in Australia (and for some time now for New Zealand, too) and we look forward to our future collaboration. And I am pretty sure that soon we will be able to tell you more stories of “manduca down under”. Stay tuned! :-)

manduca - endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapist Association