The motivation of our Swiss distributor to start her own business was her own child (the same applies for some of our other European partners). When Tanja Lichtensteiger had her first baby, it took her quite a while to find useful baby products, therefore she quickly developed the idea to open her own online store “Sonnenkind”. As a trained babywearing consultant she had the respective know-how and therefore was excited when Wickelkinder presented the manduca baby carrier. Quote Tanja Lichtensteiger: “the best baby carrier in the world”. Because she knew right away: With the babywearing expertise of Wickelkinder, this new design was sure to be a product of high quality and reliability. Of course she would be right :-) and as she was so successful with her online store, Sonnenkind could take over the distribution of manduca in Switzerland from day one.

manduca in Switzerland

Ever since her first manduca she herself is an enthusiastic user, who could contribute the whole wealth of her experience to the new partnership. “I associate many beautiful babywearing moments with the manduca“, she told us. ”Plus, the baby carrier was super practical for me as a business woman – our everyday life simply wouldn’t have worked that well without manduca. We even carried our 5-year old son in the manduca back position!”

Showing so much love for the manduca, she is the perfect Swiss manduca ambassador for us. Besides, she appreciates the features such as the manduca back extension while sharing our passion for organic quality. And she has a pragmatic answer to the crucial question “baby carrier or sling?”: According to her, a good baby carrier is better than a poorly tied sling.
Today, Tanja Lichtensteiger and her team of six (5 of them women) offers the full range of Wickelkinder products in her virtual shop – from manduca, manduca Sling and Marsupi up to the BabyLegs leg warmers. Her favourite product? The LimitedEditions – because she likes the organic cotton, the European production and the individual note that makes every Limited so special.

Tanja Lichtensteiger