As you might know already, we recommend three tying methods for manduca Sling

  • •    The pre-tied front carry (the easiest way of tying – perfect for beginners and absolutely suitable for daddies, too)
  • •    The hip carry with the triple twist (the way to carry bigger children – as on your hip, the baby has a better view and it gives you even more  mobility than a front carry)
  • •    The wrap around front carry (FWCC [Front Wrap Cross Carry] with spread out layers, especially stable and recommended by babywearing schools)

Wrap around front carry

You know already the pre-tied front carry and the hip carry (the tying method with the triple twist). Also, you might remember the video instruction presented by the Hamburg Babywearing School or the video of wrapyouinlove?

And now the illustrations for the printed instructions of the wrap around front carry are completed and available! The model for the images was again our colleague Dunja, whom you have come across in our stories about babywearing conferences and other babywearing events. Thank you again, Dunja, for your terrific support as a babywearing expert and as a photo model (and anyhow as our colleague)!

30 images will show you how to tie the wrap around front carry (FWCC) with the stretchy manduca Sling. 30 images do sound quite a lot, but after all it is a detailed step-by-step instruction manual that makes sure that your efforts will result in a perfect front carry  (Download instruction).

Step by step and a lot easier than you might think: the wrap around front carry (FWCC)

wrap around front carry

manduca Sling wrap around front carry: step-by-step instruction

Every beginning is difficult easy, as the first steps are the same as in the pre-tied version. Tip No. 1: start in front of a mirror and pay attention to the contrast seam on the top rail. The yarn of contrasting colours provides you with optimal orientation for each tying method. Tip No. 2: the arrows show you in which direction you should tighten the sling. Because it all depends on how tight the manduca Sling is.

wrap around front carry

Please note how it is done in image No. 8: put your child into the manduca Sling which should already be really tight to your body. Just pull the top rail up (ill. 10) und put the rest of the fabric under your baby’s bum (ill. 11). The fabric below your baby’s bum should reach from one knee hollow to the other knee hollow. During all these first steps please make sure that you support your child with one hand or arm (as in ill. 14) while tying the manduca Sling.

wrap around front carry

Many arrows imply that now it is time to pull tight! Different arrows tell you to pull the tails in different directions. Please pull real tight (especially the rails), because the most important thing about this tying method are the tight rails. I have mentioned it often enough, haven’t I? I think so. Anyway, please make sure that you tighten properly.  ;-)

wrap around front carry

And now – attention, please – the special part: one tail will be spread out, stretched as a triangle (ill. 23-24) and spread across the baby’s back. Try to keep some tension and wrap it real tight! This triangle ensures a special stability. Then do the same with the second one (26-29). Please make sure to pull it as nice and tight as the first one.

wrap around front carry

Now you only have to cross the tails and make a knot on your belly – the first knot should be really tight. If there is still fabric left, you can make a second “casual” knot around your hips. Done! That was easy, wasn’t it? Have you tried it by following the step-by-step instructions? Then please let us know how you managed! After all, we have prepared the instructions especially for you. :-)

wrap around front carry

manduca Sling – elastic, ecological, stylish.

The manduca Sling has many advantages – being an elastic jersey sling and providing the proven organic quality of manduca. All benefits at a glance:

  • •    Extra organic: made of 100 % organic cotton and GOTS certified
  • •    Extra elastic and yet stable thanks to bi-elastic jersey fabric without elastane
  • •    Extra light: low weight of only approx.  600 g
  • •    Extra cosy: the fine jersey cotton ideally adjusts to your body and to your baby
  • •    Extra easy to tie: seams of contrasting colour (recommended by babywearing schools) make it easy to tie the sling
  • •    Extra comfortable: optimal comfort for newborns and small babies up to 9 kg (tested and approved up to max. 15 kg)
  • •    Extra practical: one size fits all, extra width of 60 cm for perfect support and M-Position
  • •    Extra stylish: attractive in eight modern colours with a special marbling effect