What is colourful, wet, and hangs on the clothes line in the living room, kitchen or bathroom? Are your rooms, too, vividly decorated with bibs that are hung up for drying? Good! Because it means the shirts, bodies and jumpers have remained dry and you don’t have to change your little one’s clothes too often. It is only natural that a baby drools and it is in fact a good sign, as it is important for her/his development. A lot of saliva is produced especially when

  • •    babies discover everything with their mouth
  • •    babies’ first teeth are coming
  • •    babies prepare themselves for solid food (more saliva also means that digestive enzymes are produced, solid food can be digested and swallowed more easily)

manduca FumBee strap protectors

All in all the drooling time can take a few months (sometimes it feels like ages).  Many babies – may be your baby too, wear small dribble bibs that absorb the saliva and thus keep shirt and body dry.

Wet straps? No problem thanks to FumBees!

Babies chew and suck on everything they can grab with their hands and take in the mouth. And babies drool. This is why when carrying your baby in the manduca, the shoulder straps get wet before you can say Jack Robinson. :-) Of course, it is absolutely safe for your baby to chew on the manduca fabric – all materials are nontoxic and the colour is tested for harmful substances. But after a couple of days of intensive drooling, the strap doesn’t look too clean anymore. Fortunately you can wash your manduca in the washing machine.

FumBees, however, save you from having to wash your whole manduca (less laundry). No matter if you want to protect the manduca shoulder straps or the straps of the car seat – these clever strap protectors made of organic cotton can be the “FumBees to the rescue”.
Thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener you can fix the manduca FumBees at the straps in next to no time. Plus, you can choose between the two sides with different materials: cotton canvas or terry cloth. And you have even more choice: Each LimitedEdition design comes with matching FumBees. One side shows the Limited design and the other side is plain – with both sides made of robust organic cotton canvas.

manduca FumBees – benefits at a glance

  • •    protect the straps – of baby carriers and car seats
  • •    easy to use thanks to flexible hook-and-loop system
  • •    usable on both sides
  • •    many designs: three plain colours (ecru, grey or brown), plus LimitedEdition designs
  • •    Limited designs are real eye catchers!
  • •    100 % organic cotton (certified organic)