ZipIn Zipper blue

ZipIn Zipper blue in manduca PureCotton

You already know about these: the colourful manduca accessories. These insets made of fabric or of zippers are called manduca ZipIns – and they are zipped into the manduca back panel. There, they either change the manduca’s appearance (ZipIn Zipper) or its shape (ZipIn Ellipse). So there you have it – the one is a completely different kettle of fish … er, I mean ZipIn… from the other.

manduca ZipIn Zipper – what do you need them for?

Why are we talking about need? Since when do we NEED fashion accessories? Just treat yourself to a fresh look for your true (manduca) companion! In particular, if you have a manduca in a modest colour such as black, brown, or sand (because these colours match almost every outfit), a ZipIn is a great way to bring splashes of colour to your baby carrier. Go ahead and show some colour – add the perfect accent! Or rather, the icing on the cake carrier! ;-) And it goes without saying that the Zippers match manduca’s brilliant colours, too.

ZipIn Ellipsemanduca ZipIn Ellipse: There is more to ZipIns than colour. And for a good reason, too!

ZipIns paint (almost) everything in bright colours. But there is one ZipIn that steps out of line in many respects. First, the ZipIn Ellipse is black. Second, its shape is elliptical. And this is why in contrast to the Zipper ZipIns, it is not a colourful but a functional accessory:
By zipping in the elliptical fabric inset into the back extension, the complete back panel is shaped into a curve. This way, the ZipIn adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine, even better than before. And a curving effect occurs at the top rim of the manduca too: it lies closer to the baby’s head and so supports it even better.
The ZipIn Ellipse is an all-round success for carrying small babies

ZipIn Zipper rainbow

Differences between the ZipIn Zipper and the ZipIn Ellipse at a glance:

• The ZipIn Zipper has no particular function but offers a high fun factor.
• The ZipIn Ellipse is not available in bright colours but is very functional for the smallest babies.