With your baby, you always want to do things perfectly. And if you ask yourself, whether it is possible to carry a newborn in a baby carrier, the answer is “Yes”! You just have to make sure that when you carry your baby, it is positioned in the recommended spread-squat position. The spread-squat position is the position babies automatically assume when you pick them up: they automatically bend their legs up – like a small monkey – and prepare themselves instinctively to be carried. We call this position the M-position, because the feet, the knees and the bottom form a big M. M for manduca in fact.

manduca M-Position

Carry a newborn in the manduca

The manduca baby carrier offers you several possibilities to carry your newborn right from birth in the M-Position:  Firstly, the manduca comes with the integrated infant seat, in which your baby can comfortably tuck his/her legs up in front of his body. (If your child is still very young, his/her legs will remain inside the carrier. As your child’s legs get longer, you will see more and more of his/her feet and legs sticking out of the carrier – until you no longer need the infant seat.)
Second, you can adjust the seat of the manduca with the help of the manduca Size-It, to allow babywearing in the M-Position.

manduca Size-It

Adjusted to the right size in next to no time

The Size-It is a well cushioned fabric belt that makes the seat the manduca smaller and adjusts it to the right size for your baby. And this is how to use it: Put the Size-It around the seat of the manduca, take it through the diagonal elastic straps and close the buckle. With the help of the strap bands you can adjust it to fit the perfect size. As easy as 1-2-3. :-)

You have put your baby in the manduca and use the Size-It? Then take a look in the mirror and check if all is well:
•    your baby’s bottom is placed down low in the carrier
•    the knees should be in line with the baby’s navel
•    the base reaches from one knee hollow to the other knee hollow (legs not too far apart)
•    your baby lies close to your body and is completely supported

Your answer is four times „yes“? Then your baby is in the perfect position :-)
You are still not sure? Then please send your images (front and side views) to beratung@wickelkinder.de. Here, you will find help^^

manduca Size-It

Size-It and ZipIn Ellipse: a well-rounded success for newborns

What’s more, is that you can combine the optional accessories for newborns: With the manduca Size-It and the ZipIn Ellipse you have the ideal combination to carry your baby comfortably in the M-Position (Size-It) and to make the back of your baby perfectly round (Size-It and ZipIn Ellipse).