One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but two „Birdies“ certainly do: manduca proudly presents our new manduca LimitedEdition Birdie. What is so special about the Birdie Design? It sets the mood for spring and summer – with its summer fresh look and its airy lightness. It goes without saying that we had some pictures taken of this particularly beautiful LimitedEdition.

But see for yourself:

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie

Mum and baby both beaming with joy. And the Birdie design is happy, too.

A touch of make-up is a must – our make-up artist Maren again did a great job.

manduca make up artist Maren

Applying mascara in the blink of an eye :-)

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie in photo studio

Quickly removing the baby sock – and then we were ready to start!

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie photo shoot

Stay focused – and keep cool.

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie

Make-up artist and solo entertainer at the same time!

Up in the trees: SparklingBlue und SweetCaramel

Whether it’s SparklingBlue or SweetCaramel: the basic colours of the Birdie are light and airy – just as the greyish birds that are flying between the white trees. The Birdie design is printed on the back section, on the headrest, the integrated infant seat, and on the back extension.

manduca headrest

The headrest, too, is printed in the Birdie design: Birdie SweetCaramel

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie

Shh! Cuddled up in the manduca, our baby model fell asleep.

manduca LimitedEdition Birdie at a glance

You need some more information on the manduca LimitedEdition Birdie? Here are the most important facts:

  • •  Colour: We offer two colour variations – SparklingBlue and SweetCaramel.
    Both in strictly limited quantity of 2,500 items each
  • •  Material: 100 % organic cotton (what else? We absolutely LOVE organic cotton!)
  • Accessories: match and mix with Birdie FumBees and ZipIns
  • Made in: Czech Republic
  • Price: RRP 139 EUR
  • When available? Watch out for the Birdie as of June – the new LimitedEdition will certainly be also in your store. If not, please ask for it!
manduca LimitedEdition Birdie

Many thanks to Jörg Acker, who accompanied this photo session and who has taken all these pictures (except for one: the mascara one I made myself).