This is the time when you hear people coughing or sneezing in the office, the nursery school, and on the bus. It’s getting cold and wet outside, and especially when you’ve got a sore throat you want to have it warm and cozy! And if you carry your baby, she/he needs to stay wrapped up nice and warm, too. To protect your baby, the manduca MaM Two-Way Deluxe Jacket Innercozy is a good choice, with an excellent price/performance ratio. For 129.90 EUR (RRP) you do not only get a long product name :-), but also a long durability plus word by word terrific features:

manduca by MaM Two-Way Deluxe Innercozy

MANDUCA BY MAM – clever details from the expert for babywearing garments

Our manduca by MaM babywearing covers and coats are made especially for manduca by our partner MaM, the Finnish expert for keeping babies warm and dry. Their long-term experience in producing functional clothing becomes evident in each product and in many well-conceived details. Take as an example, the small loop for the cord at the upper part of the babywearing panel, which ensures that the panel can be pulled tightly and thus offers support for the baby’s head. This small but effective detail is unique! Well, the MaM team is a group of experts when it comes to weather protection (and MaM was the first to develop special babywearing garments at all).

TWO-WAY – the quick-change artist among the babywearing jackets

The term “two–way“ is still an understatement for the tremendous versatility of this jacket, as a lot more than two possible applications come to my mind. Two-Way refers to the two basic forms in which this coat can be worn – thanks to the detachable sleeves: first, as a jacket WITH sleeves, and second, as a waistcoat WITHOUT sleeves. Like that, you can use the Two-Way jacket all year round – for example when you are out for a Hike or Nordic Walking, a vest is often warm enough. And what is more, you may wear this jacket or waistcoat

  • •    already during pregnancy
  • •    as a babywearing jacket for both back and front carriers
  • •    and when the day comes that you don’t carry your little ones anymore, you will have a stylish jacket with a weatherproof look.


manduca by MaM Two-Way Deluxe Innercozy

All in all, the jacket offers not only the transformation from jacket to waistcoat (Two-Way), but also a 3in1 jacket (maternity wear, babywearing jacket, outdoor jacket)! In black, of course, because black fits any outfit.

DELUXE JACKET – treat yourself to some comfort!

No need to explain „jacket“: You need a coat to keep you warm and above all dry. Depending on where you live the cold season can be really wet, too. The Deluxe Jacket has a waterproof membrane (up to 5000 mm of water). This is equivalent to a raincoat and will take you and your baby safely through the drizzling rains in autumn and winter. Deluxe means what? Simply speaking, the Two-Way is not only very functional but also very stylish. Also, starting with this season, the jacket has a rain-repellent outer material with the weatherproof appearance of a raincoat.

INNERCOZY – the inviting inside of a jacket

INNERCOZY simply sounds like an invitation to cuddle and snuggle – and promises to keep you cozy and warm: the term INNERCOZY makes clear, that the jacket offers a high level of comfort with its soft inner lining. It is nice and comfy, to make you feel good.

Even more information that would not fit into the product name

In winter, Scandinavia is not the only place where it is dark. Therefore, it is all the more important that the jacket’s reflective piping provides safety. Also, the jacket is windproof, it is made of a breathable material plus it has a practical zipper system which makes it easy to remove the babywearing panel. The outer material and the inner lining are made of polyester, the waterproof membrane is made of polyurethane. You may even wash the jacket in the washing machine (30°) but please do not put it into the dryer. To fit you perfectly, the jacket is available in five sizes (from XS to XL). Go and ask in your favourite shop! The purchase of this jacket definitely pays off.